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If you mean ex squared, the answer is e2x

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Q: What is e x squared?
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What is the answer to limit as x approaches infinity of e raised-x squared?

limit x tends to infinitive ((e^x)-1)/(x)

What did einstine formula E equals MC squared stand for?

E=MC squared was Einstein's formula for splitting the atom. Energy = mass X speed of light squared

How many watts in 20 amps?

(watts equal) voltage times current (e x I ) 120 x 20 resistance times current squared (r x I squared) 6 ohms x20 squared voltage squared divided by resistance (E squared divided by resistance) 120squared divided by 6 check OHMS LAW,

What is the integral of e raised to x squared?

maths signs

What is the formula for kinectic energy?

E = .5 x mass x (velocity squared)

How do you determine the wattage capacity?

Wattage can be determined by three equations. They are W = I x E, W = I squared x R and W = E squared/R. W = watts, I = amps, E + volts and R = resistance in ohms.

What is e to the x times x squared?

It is an expression whose value will depend on the value of the variable x.

Is cos squared x the same as cos x squared?

No. Cos squared x is not the same as cos x squared. Cos squared x means cos (x) times cos (x) Cos x squared means cos (x squared)

What is the derivative of e to the power ln x squared?

e^[ln(x^2)]=x^2, so your question is really, "What is the derivative of x^2," to which the answer is 2x.

3x squared - x squared?

3x squared - x squared = 2x squared

What is x squared multiplied by x squared?

(X2) (X2) = X4 x squared multiplied by x squared is x raised to the 4th power.

What is x squared in parenthesis times negative 3 times x squared times y cubed in parenthesis?

if you take your time youll figure out its e=mc2

How do you simplify x brackets x plus 1 brackets squared?

x[x+1] squared Simplified is, to my knowledge, x squared plus ( x + 1) squared

What is sin squared x minus cos squared x?

Sin squared, cos removed the x in the equation.

What is x cubed+x squared?

X triangle

What is a squared x a squared?

a squared x a sqared

What is the solution to x squared equals x plus 6?

X squared = x+6 6+x=x squared X=6

What is 3 squared x 4 squared?

3 squared = 9 4 squared = 16 9 x 16 = 144 3 squared x 4 squared = 144

What is Sin squared x - Cos squared x divided by 1 - Tan squared x equals cos squared x?


What is a squared x b squared x c squared?

a^2b^2c^2 ^2 is squared

How do you express x squared?

x squared (x)X(x) x^2 x2

X squared plus 9 squared equals 12 squared?

X = √63

Why does x times x equal x squared?

Yes, x times x equals x squared.

Is x squared the same as 2x?

No. x squared is x times x, whereas 2x is x + x.

What is x squared plus x squared?