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Q: What is easier to learn numbers or shapes?
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Why in math do you learn with numbers?

We learn math using numbers because that is math. Also when you get to a higher level in math it is easier to use numbers to write 4,137,985,034.152 than splleing it out.

What do you learn about geometry?

you learn about shapes angles meusured angles congrunt shapes and more!

Why do we learn about shapes?

Because you have to use different shapes in your life.

What do you learn in geometry class?

the study of shapes

Why are shapes important for kindergarten to learn?

It helps them later in life. Think where would you be if you didnt know your shapes?

Is there a code from turning numbers to shapes?


Do french speakers find it easier to learn English or do English speakers find it easier to learn french?

it's easier to learn french. the English language is the most difficult language on the planet.

What type of organism forms the base of a pyramid of numbers?

pyramids are shapes of numbers

Is it easier to learn Japanese or Chinese?

It's said it's easier to learn Japanese at the beginning but harder later. And it's hard to learn Chinese at the beginning but easier later.

What are the different shapes that can be made by pasta?

there are lots of differante shapes like kids shapes letters numbers cartoon characters and many more :)

What are numbers that are close to the given numbers to make estimation easier?

15 ,67, and 84 are numbers that are close to the given numbers to make estimation easier.

Are numbers easy to compute mentally?

No, but if you practice you can learn to do it and it gets easier. Start of by learning (by rote) your times tables and when adding up do so in 10s.