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27 1/2

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Q: What is eight and four fifths times three and one eights?
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What is four fifths times three eights?


What is seven eights times four fifths?

seven tenths

What is five times one and three fifths?


What is ten eights times eight tenths?

Ten eights times eight tenths is 1.

Nine and eight tenths times two?

It is nineteen and three fifths.

What is three fifths times ten?

Three fifths times ten is 6.

What is three eights times 5?

three eights times 5 = 3*8 times 5 = 24 times 5 = 120

What is four fifth's times two?

four fifth's times two is eight fifths (8/5) which is the same as one and three fifths (1 3/5)

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

How many fifths in eight?

In one we have five fifths, right? So in eight we have (5 times 8) 40.

What is three fifths times four?

two and two fifths

What is three fifths times four fifths?


What is two fifths times three fifths?

It is 6/25

What is one half times three eights?

It is three sixteenths.

What is eight times three fifths?

8 x 3/5 = 24/5 = 4 (+) 4/5

What is two-fifths times three-fifths?

0.24 or 6/25

What is three-fifths times nineteen over eight?

3/5 x 19/8 = 1 17/40

How many eights are in five and five eights?

You mean eights. For each whole number/unit, there would be eight, so five times eight would be 40, then you have five more eighths, so 45, all told.

What is double four-fifths?

(4/5) times 2 = 8/5; eight-fifths; or 1.6

What is three eights of 800?

Three eights of 800 = 3/8 times 800 = (3 times 800) / 8 = 2400/8 = 300

What is 4 times 2 fifths?

One and three fifths.

What is three-fifths times thirty?


What is three fifths times five?


What is ten times three fifths?


What is 5 times three fifths?