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Two fifths.

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Q: What is eight fifteenths of three fourths?
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What is three fourths times eight fifteenths?

3/4 x 8/15 is 2/5

What is the fraction five eights plus three fifteenths?

three fourths

What is 3 fourths divided by 2 fifteenths?

3 fourths divided by 2 fifteenths = 1.5

What is the sum of three and one half and eight and one fourths?

eleven and three fourths

Three fourths of forty-eight?


What is eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth?

Eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth equals six and one fourths (6.5).

What is larger one eight inch or three fourths inch?

3/4 (three fourths)

What is one and three fourths mulitplyed by twenty-eight fourths?


What is three fourths plus one eights?

Three fourths plus one eight is 1 whole

Are three fourths and eight twelves equivalent?

No, they are not.

What is eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths?

Eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths is fifteen and one twentieth.

Is eight fifteenths close to a whole?

No. Eight fifteenths is a little more than a half.

What is one fifteenths plus two fifteenths?

three fifteenths

Is sixteen hundredths and eight fifteenths equal?

No, sixteen hundredths does not equal eight fifteenths, but it does equal eight fiftyeths.

Is eight over twenty three as a fraction equal to three fourths?


What is three eighths plus eight fifteenths?

it`s0.908333333">0.908333333or 109/120

What is eight minus 2 and three fourths?


What is three-fourths times eight?


What is fourteen less than three fourths of a number is negative eight?

fourteen less than three fourths of a number is negative eight find the number

Can one cake be split into portions of one third three ninths and eight fifteenths?

No, after you've cut one-third and three-ninths, which is another third, there are only five-fifteenths left!

What is nine tenths minus eight fifteenths?

Nine tenths minus eight fifteenths equals eleven thirtieths.

What is eight fifteenths as a decimal?


Is eight ninths bigger than three fourths?

Yes it is.

Is three fourths equal to eight twelfth?

No, 9/12

What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.