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It is already a simplified fraction.

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What does seven over twenty eight equal when simplified?


What Is Seven Over Twenty eight Simplified?


Can eight over eight be simplified?

yes to 1

What is eight divided by seven?

1.142 (it goes on after that, but this is it simplified)

what is three over eight simplified?

3/8 cannot be simplified.

What is two over eight simplified?

one over four

What is 20 over 35 simplified?

four over seven

35 percent as a simplified fraction?

35% as a simplified fraction is seven twenty-fifths, or seven over twenty-five.

What is 14 over 48 simplified?

Seven over-twenty four.

Can three over twenty one be simplified?

yes, one over seven

What is four over seven in simplest form?

Four over seven cannot be simplified anymore than it is, sorry.

What is forty eight over one hundred simplified?

12/25 is.

Can you simplify five over eight?

No, 5/8 cannot be simplified.

What is negative 8 over 2 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

What is the answer to 2 three over eight plus 1 seven over eight?


What is four-twenty-eigths simplified?

1 over seven

What is thirty over twenty eight simplified?

30/28 as a simplified fraction is 1 2/28. When 1 2/28 is simplified again, the answer is 1 1/14.

What is the answer to seven over eight subtract nine over twenty?

well im not sure what you are talking about, but if you are talking about seven over eight as in fraction form then the answer is seventeen over forty

What is three over seven plus two over seven in simplest form?

2/7 + 3/7 is 5/7, which can't be simplified.

What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is seven over eight as a decimal?


What is seven eight plus eight seventh?

113 over 56 or 2 and 1 over 16....

What is an equivalent fraction for seven over eight?

14 over 16

One over fifth plus seven over eight?


Eight over seven divide by six over five?