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Euclid's elements are a set of 13 books on mathematics written by the Greek mathematician Euclid around 2,300 years ago.

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Q: What is elements in mathematics?
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What is null set in mathematics?

a set having no elements, or only zeros as elements.

Is addition one of elements of mathematics?

No, it is an operation, not an element.

What has the author Helen Murray Roberts written?

Helen Murray Roberts has written: 'Elements of mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics

What has the author J Houston Banks written?

J. Houston Banks has written: 'Elements of algebra' -- subject(s): Algebra 'Elements of mathematics' -- subject(s): Algebra, Mathematical analysis, Mathematics 'Elementary-school mathematics' -- subject(s): Arithmetic, Foundations

What is sub sets in mathematics?

a subset is when all elements are equivalent to eachother

Why were Euclid's elements created?

because it makes mathematics subject is perfect

What elements of India mathematics are still in use today?

Hump Day

What are matrices made of?

In mathematics matrices are made up of arrays of elements.

What is equal in mathematics?

Equality is a relationship that can be defined on the elements of a set. Equality holds between two elements that have the same value.

What is mean by Subset in Mathematics?

If all the elements in set A are also elements of set B, then set A is a subset of set B.

What has the author Daniel Maccabaeus Dribin written?

Daniel Maccabaeus Dribin has written: 'Elements of pre-calculus mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics

What are some things that have math?

Almost everything contains some elements of mathematics.