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Q: What is eleven twelfths of 132?
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What is eleven twelfths of 144?

11/12 of 144 = 132

What decimal is equivalent to eleven and five twelfths?

The decimal equivalent to eleven and five twelfths is 137 twelfths.

What is eleven twelfths minus one fourths?

One fourth is three twelfths. So eleven twelfths minus three twelfths is eight twelfths, which is also two thirds.

What is seven twelfths and one third in simplest form?

it is eleven twelfths

What is the decimal of eleven twelfths?


What is 121 over 132 in its simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 11, 121/132 is equal to 11/12 or eleven twelfths.

What is one minus eleven twelfths?

one minus eleven twelfths = 1 - 11/12 = 12/12 - 11/12 = 1/12

Is eleven twelfths in simplest form?


What is eleven twelfths to the nearest hundredth?


What is 3 and eleven twelfths as a decimal?


Is eleven twelfths greater than nineteen twelfths?

No, 11/12 is not greater than 19/12.

What is eleven twelfths decimal?

11/12 = 0.916667

What is two minus eleven-twelfths?

It is: 13/12

In simplest form what is eleven twelfths of 48?


2 thirds plus 1 fourth equals?

We convert into the same type of fractions, so they become 8 twelfths and 3 twelfths, which is eleven twelfths.

Is two and three fourths equal to eleven twelfths?

No. Two and three fourths is equal to thirty-two twelfths.

What is eight twelfths minus eleven twelfths?

8/12 - 11/12 = -3/12 = -1/4

What is 4 and 5 over 12 minus 5 and 11 over 12 equal?

Four and five twelfths is 53 twelfths, five and eleven twelfths is 71 twelfths so answer is "minus eighteen twelfths", ie -1½ or -1.5

What is the answer to 2 thirds plus 1 fourth?

Eleven twelfths.

How do you write eleven twelfths as a decimal?

11/12 = 0.916667

What minus two thirds is one quarter?

It is eleven twelfths.

What is the answer to two thirds plus one fourth?

eleven twelfths :]

What is eleven twelfths in simplest form?

i don't know dang why you asking me

How much does one fourth and two thirds equal?

Eleven twelfths.

Is one half bigger than eleven twelfths?