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500 centimeters

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Q: What is equal to a length of 5 meters?
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Is 100 meter barbed wire is equal to 5 kg or 30 meters equal to 5 kg?

Kg , or Kilograms is a measure of WEIGHT and has NO relationship to meters which is a measure of LENGTH

What is the historical unit of length equal to about 5 03 meters?

perch good luck, jinky

How many meters is equal to 5 bar?

Meters is a unit of length, bar is a unit of pressure. You can't convert between the two.

300 meters is equal to how many length?

The meter is a metric unit of length. Therefore, 300 meters has a length of 300 meters or .3 kilometers.

What length is not equal to 50 meters?

There are an infinite number of lengths that are not equal to 50 meters. Here are a few of them: 49 meters 51 meters 50.000000000000001 meters

What is a 5 kilometer?

It is a measure of distance which is equivalent to 5000 metres.

How many meters equal 700 pounds?

Meters can't equal pounds because meters measures in length and pounds measure mass.

What is 3.0 meters?

3.0 meters is a measure of length or distance equal to about 9.84 feet.

What does 5 g equal in meters?

gram and meter are different units. Gram is used to measure weight. Meter is used for length.

The length of a car?

5 meters

How many meters are in 1260 feet in length?

1,260 feet is equal to exactly 384.048 meters.

Does 5 decimeters equal 5 meters?