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Q: What is equivalent chemical composition of En 27?
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What are equivalent grades of c45 steel and en19 steel?

the equivalent for c45 is en-8 and en-19 is c55 Need the Chemical composition and mechanical properties of C45 and EN-8 also to C55 and EN-19

What are types of EN series of material?

En series material chemical composition

What is the chemical composition of metal en-19?

Dear Sir, Hi I am Rajesh Patel We have required chemical composition specification of EN-19 material.

What is chemical composition of En27 steel?

The chemical composition of En 27 steel is by weight, %: 0.32% C, 0.28% Si, 0.61% Mn, 0.013% S, 0.018% P, 3.22% Ni, 0.63% Cr, 0.22% Mo and of course iron.

What is the material composition of EN 10029?

Please see Table 1: Chemical composition (ladle analysis, %) as per SANS 50025 / EN 10025 of the first page of the related link.

What is the chemical composition of metal en-45?

en 45 is a silicon mangenese spring steel, supplied in the as rolled contition. This steel is suitable for oil hardening and tempering.

What is the chemical composition of metal EN-28?

Chemical composition in weight %: 0.25% C, 0.15% Si, 0.52% Mn, 0.024% S, 0.010% P, 3.33% Ni, 1.14% Cr, 0.65% Mo, 0.16% V

Equivalent bs en 10025 grade of astm a 36?

BSEN 10025-3GRS420N give me the material composition number

Chemical composition of EN 45 A?

C%-0.58-0.65 Mn%- 0.80-1 Si%- 1.70-2.10 P%- 0.035

What is the chemical composition spring steel EN 42?

0.7-0.85C 0.55-0.75Mn 0.1-0.4Si 0.04S 0.04P

Material composition of alloy EN 10029?


Equivalent of EN 485-2 IN AISI?

EN 485-2 equivalent to ASTM 209 H-34

Is EN9 suitable for anchor bolts?

En 9 material composition

What is the equivalent standard for EN 10060?

What is the euivalent grade of steel for EN 10060:2003, R190J

What is the chemical composition of EN 353 steel?

The chemical composition is: - C: max. 0,2 % - Mn: 0,5-1,o - Si: max. 0,35 - S: 0,04 - P: 0,04 - Cr: 0,75-1,25 - Ni: 1,0-1,5 - Mo: 0,08-0,15

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What is the EN grade equivalent to A37 material?

Comprison en & si unit

What is the equivalent EN material for ETG 100?

what is the US equivalent of ETG100 and ETG 80 and PR80

What is the EN equivalent of ASTM A572 Gr-50?

Grade S355GP according to DIN EN 10248-1 is equivalent to ASTM A 572 Grade 50

What is the chemical composition of metal en-31?

The composition of metal is, supernit hira and rodrigo at the park wit Sophie, cairon couldn't make it but no need to worry anney well be round soon. x'''TYPICAL ANALYSIS'''C. 1.00%, Mn. 0.50%, Cr. 1.40%, Si. 0.20%

What is composition of EN 355?

Chemical composition in weight, %: 0.20% C, 0.23% Si, 0.61% Mn, 0.011% S, 0.015% P, 2.0% Ni, 1.65% Cr, 0.19% Mo

Which ASTM standard is equivalent to BS EN 10264-2?

The ASTM equivalent for BS EN 10264-2 is AST A342. These designations are set for steel wires and wire products

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