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5-1 = 1/5

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Q: What is equivalent to 5 exponent negative 1?
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What thus the negative exponent denote?

For example, 10 to the power -5 means the same as 1 divided by (10 to the power 5). In general, you can interpret negative exponents this way, with reciprocals.

What is 3 with -2 exponent?


What is the answer if the problem is 1 over 2 with a negative 5 exponent?

(1/2)-5 = 32

What happens if your number has a negative exponent?

That number becomes an exponent. For example, 5 to the -2 power is 1/25

How do you change negative exponets to positive exponents?

A negative exponent of a number is the same as the reciprocal of that same number to the equivalent positive exponent.EXAMPLE : 2-3 = 1/23When multiplying powers of the same base the rule is, addthe exponents.So, if the initial exponent is negative then the number has to be multiplied by a power of that number with an equivalent positive exponent greater than the negative exponent.EXAMPLE : 2-3 x 25 = 2(-3+5) = 22 (As 5 > l3l then the resultant exponent is positive)

How do you solve negative integral exponents?

A negative exponent is simply the reciprocal of the positive exponent. So simply remove the negative sign and find the reciprocal. Thus, for example, 5-3 = 1/53 = 1/125

What is Five to the power -1?

Negative exponents are the reciprocal of the base to the positive exponent.1/5 is the answer.

What do you do to a number with a negative exponent?

Basically do the same thing you would with a positive exponent. However, the difference with negatives is that it will be a fraction with 1 over whatever the exponent comes out to. The negative just tells you to flip the position of the exponent from the numerator to the denominator. For example if you have 5-2, it would become 1/52, which would then become 1/25. Also, if you have a negative exponent in your denominator, you would flip it up to the numerator. For example if you have 1/5-2, it would become 52, which would then be 25.

What is 5 with an exponent of negative 2?


How do you rewrite five to the negative 4Th power so that the exponent is positive?

5-4 = 1/54 = (1/5)4 or 0.24

How do you calculate a negative power such as 5 to the negative 5 power?

It is equivalent to 1 over 5 to the power of 5, or 1 over 3125.

What are negative intergery exponents?

I assume you mean "negative integer exponents".It means that: * It is an exponent * It is an integer (whole number) * It is negative (less than zero, i.e., with a minus sign) A negative exponent is defined as the reciprocal of the positive exponent. For example, 10 to the power -5 is the same as 1 / (10 to the power 5).

What is 5 squared times 5 negative squared?

A negative exponent requires that you place the number in a fraction, for example, 5-2 = 1/5. 6-2=1/6 so your equation should be, 52 X 1/5, or 25 X1/5 which is 5.

What is the exponent in the following number 5?

The exponent is 1 because 5 is prime.

How do you type negative exponents into a calculator?

If your calculator is advanced, like the TI-84, there is an exponent button you can hit. Then, just Type negative and the exponent. If it is a simpler calculator, like a four-function calculator, there IS a way. By raising a number to a negative exponent, you are saying that one is being divided by that number to the positive version of that power. Ex: 5^-8 = 1/(5^8). To do this, divide one by the base, then raise it to the exponent, making sure that the exponent is POSITIVE. Also be careful that the entire denominator is in parentheses, just in case.

How do you turn a positive exponent into a negative exponent?

Invert the function.1/x = x-1x5 = 1/x-51/sqrt(x) = 1/x1/2 = x-1/2

What is are the exponent and coefficient of the expression -5b?

The exponent is 1, the coefficient is -5.

What is 4 to the power of -1?


3 to the power of -2?


Why is -4 divided by -20 not equivalent to -1divided by 5?

Because -4 / -20 = 1/5 & -1/5 = -1/5 Remember negative divided by negative is a positive number & negative divided by a positive is a negative number.

What is 2 to the power of -5?


How do you find the product or quotient using positive exponents when you have negative ones?

Change the number or variable with the exponent from the numerator to the denominator, or from the denominator to the numerator, and at the same time change the exponent from negative to positive. For example, 5-3 = 1/53, and 1/x-10 = x10.

What is the exponent in 10 to the 5 power?

Power = 5 = exponent. That is, exponent = 5.

What is (-5) to the power of -1 without an exponent?

I am not entirely sure what you mean: If you raise something to a power, you automatically have an exponent.(-5) to the power (-1) is the reciprocal of (-5) to the power 1, so you have 1 / (-5), or -1/5.

What is the exponent for 760?

Answer: 1 Something like 52 is called a power. The base is 5 and the exponent is 2. If the exponent is not given it is assumed to be one, so that 760 = 7601. The exponent is 1.