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Q: What is equivalent to five over nine?
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What is an equivalent fraction for the decimal 2.36?

2 and nine over twenty-five (the whole number two and the fraction nine twentyfifths)

Is five sixths equivalent nine tenths?


Is five over eight bigger than nine over ten?

five over eight is less than nine over ten

What three equivalent fractions are equal to negative five over nine?

-5/9, -10/18, -15/27

What is two over nine plus one over three?

five over nine

What decimal is equivalent to nine over eleven?

decimal which is equivalent to nine over eleven = 0.8181

What is five over nine divided by five over six?


What is the to nine over five?


What is 100 over 18 as a mixed number?

Five whole five over nine

What is equivalent to 9 over 81?

one over nine

What is the answer to the question three over five y plus one over nine?

There is no meaningful question in "three over five y plus one over nine". There cannot, therefore, be an answer.

What is equivalent to nine eighths?

OVER 9,000