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Q: What is equivalent to one fourth?
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Related questions

Is one-fourth equivalent to 1.25?

No. One-fourth is less than 1.25. One-fourth is equivalent to .25

Is one fourth equivalent to two eight?

Yes. One fourth is equivalent to two eighths.

Is one third equivalent to one fourth?

No, one third is more than one fourth

What is the fraction of one-fourth of 12?

One-fourth of twelve is equivalent to 3.

What is three fifths of one fourth?

Three fifths of one fourth is equivalent to 0.15.

What is the decimal equivalent of one fourth?


Is one fourth equivalent to 3 tenths?


How does one half squared equal one fourth?

One half squared equals one fourth because when you multiply one half by one half you get one fourth. This is the equivalent of saying that half of one half is one fourth.

Is one-fourth bigger then two-eighths?

They are equivalent.

What is the equivalent fraction to three twelve?

it is one fourth

What fraction is equivalent to .25?

That fraction is one-fourth.

How many teaspoons equal one fourth cup of sugar?

1 cup of sugar is equivalent to 48 teaspoon,so one fourth cup is equivalent to 12 teaspoon of sugar.... =)

What fraction is equivalent to one frouth?

One fourth as a fraction is 1/4

What is one fourth loaf of bread equivalent to?

A quarter or 0.25

What is the decimal equivalent to the nearest hundredth of one fourth?


What is the equivalent oh one fourth to percent?

25 percent

What is the decimal equivalent of one fourth inch?

.25 inches

What does one fourth plus seven eighths equal?

One fourth is equivalent to two eighths so total is nine eighths ie one and one-eighth.

What is 0.25g equivalent to?

One fourth of a gram, or 2.45 m/sec2 .

Is three twelves equivalent to one fourth?

Yes. 3x4=12.

What are some equivalent fractions for three over twelve?

one fourth

How many ounces are equivalent to one fourth of a ton?

8,000 ounces

What is one-fourth equal to?

The decimal of one fourth is 0.25. Equivalent fractions include 2/8, 4/16, 8/32, etc.

Is one fourth equivalent to one half?

No, one fourth is less than half one forth = 25 % one half = 50 % (:

Is thirteen fourths and two and one-fourth equivalent?

No because 13/4 is equivalent to 3 and 1/4