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0.583. The three is repeating.

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Q: What is equivalent to seven twelves?
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What is seven twelves as a percentage?

Seven twelves as a percentage is 58.33%.

What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

Is 0.91666 equivalent to eleven twelves?

No. Eleven twelves = 132.

What are three equivalent fractions for seven twelves?

14/24; 35/60; and 21/36 :)

Is five twelves smaller than seven twelves?

Yes, its 2 twelves smaller.

What does four twelves pus one fourth equal?

seven twelves

What is two thirds minus seven twelves?

one twelves

What is the equivalent fraction of eighty twelves?

Eighty twelves is nine hundred and sixty.

Is seven twelves greater than seven tenths?


What is the decimal for seven twelves?


What is seven twelves of 48?


What is seven twelves of 360?