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Q: What is equivalent to the fraction twenty forty eighths?
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What fraction lies halfway between two thirds and five eighths?

31/48Thirty one forty eighths.

What is 0.27083 as a fraction?

thirteen forty-eighths 13/48

What is 0.27083 as fraction?

thirteen forty-eighths 13/48

What is twenty six forty eighths in simplest form?


Is two forty eighths one twenty fourth?

yes dah

What is twenty-one out of forty in fraction?


What is seven-eighths minus five-sevenths?

two forty-fifths or one twenty-eighth

What fraction is equivalent to forty percent?

74/185 is one answer to what fraction is equal to forty percent.

How do you write twenty three and forty thousandths?

Twenty-three and forty-thousandths can be written as a decimal fraction as 23.04. Forty thousandths is the same fraction as four hundredths, and thus, as a vulgar fraction, the number can be written as 23 4/100.

Are two forty eighths equal to one twenty fourth?

Yes. 2/48 can be simplified to 1/24

What fraction is greater ten out of forty or five out of twenty-five?

10/40 is greater.

What is three eighths of forty?


What is an equivalent fraction for negative four fifths?

negative forty fiftieths.

What is forty six over forty eighths simplified?


What is an equivalent fraction to forty over one hundred?

4/10 right?

What is the answer to seven eighths timed by forty?


What is the improper fraction of 1.88?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 1.88 is equal to 47/25 or forty-seven twenty-fifths.

What is the decimal form for seventeen forty eighths?

decimal form for seventeen forty eighths = 0.354217/48:= 17 ÷ 48= 0.3542 in decimal

What is the equivalent fraction to 0.40?

two fifths, four tenths, forty hundredths, etc.......

What is forty two is twelve more than five-eighths of a number?

Not too sure of the question but it appears to be a matter of simple addition of integers and a fraction.

How do you write 41020 in word form?

Forty-one thousand, twenty

What is forty-four forty-eighths in its simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 4, 44/48 is equal to 11/12 or eleven twelfths.

What fraction is equivalent to twelveth forty eighth?

12/48 = 1/4 in its simplest terms

What is 40.27 written in word form?

Forty point twenty-seven, or forty point two seven. Also, forty and twenty-seven hundredths, or forty and twenty-seven one hundredths.

What is the reciprocal of -2.45?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, -2.45-1 = 20/49 or twenty forty-ninths.