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seven tenths

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Q: What is equivalent to thirty-five fiftieths?
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What is the equivalent decimal for seven fiftieths?


What decimal and percentage is equivalent to seven fiftieths?

0.14, 14%

What is an equivalent fraction for negative four fifths?

negative forty fiftieths.

What are two equivalent fraction to two fiftieths?

1/25 and 4/100

What is thirtyfive squared?


What is fiftieths as a decimal?

The answer depends on how many fiftieths.

What is forty multiplied by thirtyfive?


What is thirty-seven fiftieths as a decimal?

37/50 = 74/100 so the decimal equivalent is 0.74

What is fiftieths as a whole number?

Fiftieths can't be whole numbers.

What is thirtyfive hundredths written in numbers?


What fraction is equivalent to thirtyfive twentyfirsts?

35/21 can be simplified by dividing the numerator and denominator by 7 and then converting the answer to a mixed number. 35/21 = 5/3 = 1⅔

What is 21 fiftieths in simplest form?

The simplest form of 21 fiftieths is 21/50 or 21 fiftieths. This is because the GCF of 21 and 50 is 1.