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10 12ths

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Q: What is equivalent to twenty over twenty-four?
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Twentyfour is what percent of one hundred twenty?

(24 / 120) x 100 = 20 percent

How do you write twentyfour one hundredths as a decimal?

Twenty-four one hundredths is 0.24

How many twenty minutes in twenty four hours?

3 twenty minute periods in one hour, therefore if you multyply 3 by 24 you get 72 twenty minute periods in twentyfour hours

What is six over twentyfour simplified?

6/24 = 1/4

Is 17 over twenty equivalent to 20 over 24?


What is equivalent to eighteen over twenty?

9 over 10 or 90%.

What is twenty over twenty-fifths as an equivalent fraction?

20/25 = 4/5

What is equivalent to four tens?

Twenty over thirte

Is four over nine equivalent to twelve over twenty seven?


What are two ways to write 624?

here are 4 common ways: 624 sixhundred and twenty four six-two-four Six-twentyfour

What decimal is equivalent to seven over twenty-five?


What is equivalent to six over twenty four?