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Q: What is fifteen ninths simplified using fractions?
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What is the value of the numeral 2 in the number 0.523?

2 hundredths which is simplified to 1/15 if you are also using fractions

How can fractions be simplified by finding the GCF and using divisibility rules?

Simplifying fractions and finding the GCF is easy. All you have to do is put the fraction into simplest form and then put in a whole number.

How do you do Egyptian fractions?

its just using fractions but not more than once to make other fractions

What is a sentence using the word simplified?

The simplified tax form may be for you!

What is negative 8 ninths minus 1 fourths?

First we convert into like terms, using thirty-sixths. That gives 32 thirty-sixths minus 9 thirty-sixths which is 23 thirty-sixths, which cannot be simplified any further.

Fifteen million two hundred ninety-seven using digits?

fifteen million two hundred ninety-seven using digits

How do you get 100 using only four 9?

Ninety nine and nine ninths.

How can you use shapes and fractions?

because u tell used tou using fractions.

Comparing fractions without using an lcd?

It is easy: just convert to decimal fractions.

How do you compare fractions by using the gcf?

You cannot compare fractions by using the GCF since GCF determines the common factors of both fractions. Instead, use the LCD to compare the fractions. Find the LCM of the denominator terms of the fractions. Then, obtain the fractions with the common denominators. Finally, compare the numerator values to determine which fraction is the greatest/least.

What is 76 percent of 600 using fractions?

76 percent of 600 using fractions will be 76 600

How do you make a line plot using fractions?

A line plot can be made using fractions. Just use fractions rather than whole numbers or other data to mark the scales of the horizontal axis and vertical axis

How do you do the clock model using fractions?


how to rename fractions using LCM?

When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators their lowest common denominator must be found first by using the LCM of their denominators

What are the Advantages of writing fractions in decimal form?

it facilitates arithmetic calculations using fractions. Especially with calculators.

Write15.9 using words?

fifteen point nine

How can you use fractions in our life?

By using them in Math Class or teaching fractions, other then that, money, and estimating things between integers

How do you calculate average using fractions?

In the same way as you would with numbers which are not fraction. Add together the fractions and divide by their count.

How do you estimate fractions using compatible numbers?

Estimate 43/81 by using compatible numbers

When using fractions the whole must be cut into?

Equal parts.

How do you find common dinomanater in fractions?

Using the Euclidean algorithm

How do you compare fractions using a number line?

by looking at the denominator

How do you round fractions using compatible numbers?

Umm you divide...

What type of problems can be solved using gcf?

Simplifying fractions

How can knowing the greatest common factor and least common multiple help you when you add subtract and multiply fractions?

Knowing the least common multiple of the denominators will help you find a common denominator when adding and subtracting unlike fractions. Knowing the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator will help you reduce the fraction if possible.