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A set which containing $and pi are the end blocks are the finite and without these are infinite

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Q: What is finite and infinite set?
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Related questions

What the differentiate between finite set and infinite set?

A finite set has a finite number of elements, an infinite set has infinitely many.

What is a finite and infinite set?

A set which containing $and pi are the end blocks are the finite and without these are infinite

Is null set finite or infinite?


Can finite sets could be infinite sets?

The way I understand it, a finite set can not be an infinite set, because if it were an infinite set, then it would not be a finite set, and the original premise would be violated.

What is a set that is not finite?

It is called in infinite set.

Is the set of points in a line finite or infinite?


Is the set of integers a finite or an infinite set?

The set of integers is an infinite set as there are an infinite number of integers.

Is an empty set finite or infinite?

An empty set (null set) is considered finite.

What is the Difference between a finite set and countable set?

all finite set is countable.but,countable can be finite or infinite

What is a set that is not finite called?

It is called in infinite set.

What is a set that is not finite is called?

It is called in infinite set.

The set of lessons in this geometry course is infinite or finite?


What are the examples of finite and infinite sets in your daily life?

The set of your friends is finite. The set of counting numbers (part of which you will use to count your friends) is infinite.

All tax payers of India is a finite or infinite set?


Is the set of natural numbers less than -2 finite or infinite?

The empty set is a finite set.

What are the different types a of set?

A null set, a finite set, a countable infinite set and an uncountably infinite set.

What are the examples of a finite set?

In mathematics, a finite set is a set that has a finite number of elements. For example, (2,4,6,8,10) is a finite set with five elements. The number of elements of a finite set is a natural number (non-negative integer), and is called the cardinality of the set. A set that is not finite is called infinite. For example, the set of all positive integers is infinite: (1,2,3,4, . . .)

What is finite sets?

A finite set is a set that has numbers you can count. Its not like infinite with no end it has an end.

Is a set of consonants an infinite or finite?

It is finite, but there would be many possible combinations.

Is a whole number an finite set?

No, it is countably infinite.

Is the set of whole numbers greater than 8 is infinite or finite?


What are the finite or infinite sets?

A finite set is one containing a finite number of distinct elements. The elements can be put into a 1-to-1 relationship with a proper subset of counting numbers. An infinite set is one which contains an infinite number of elements.

What is the difference between a finite set and an infinite set?

Set A is a finite set if n(A) =0 (that is, A is the empty set) or n(A) is a natural number. A set whose cardinality is not 0 or a natural number is called an infinite set.

Is the intersection of two infinite sets always an infinite set?

No. It can be infinite, finite or null. The set of odd integers is infinite, the set of even integers is infinite. Their intersection is void, or the null set.

Can a subset of an infinite set be finite?

A subset of some set X is, by definition, any set whose elements are entirely contained in X. So the answer is yes. As an example, take your infinite set, and select 3 or 10 or any finite number of your favorite elements in this set. The set of your chosen elements is a finite subset of the infinite set.