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(five and two thirds) minus (two and three fourths) = 2.91666667

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What is 8 and one fourth minus 2 and three fourths?

five and a half(I took a short cut: seven and five fourths minus two and three fourths... seven minus two & five fourths minus three fourths)

What is three fourths minus five tenths?

Three fourths minus five tenths is one fourth.

What is five minus two and three fourths?

2 and 1 fourths 2.25

What is five and two thirds minus three and two thirds?


What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.

What is five three eighths minus three fourths?

eleven twentyfourths

What is five minus one and three fourths?

three and one fourth

What is five and one sixth minus three and three fourths?


What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

Three fourths minus five sixteenths?

seven sixteenths

What is five eighths minus three fourths?


What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

What is five and three eighths minus three and three fourths?

7 and 2/4s

What is two equivalent frations for five fiths?

three thirds, four fourths

What is two thirds minus five twelve's?

Three twelves

What is thirty six minus one fourth?

Thirty five and three fourths.

What is one and one fourth minus five and three fourths?

negative four

What is one half of two thirds of three fourths of one hundred?

The answer is twenty-five (25).

What is three and one eight plus five and two thirds?

Eight and nineteen twenty-fourths

What is three-fourths minus one-eighth?

Three fourths is six eights, so subtract one eight and the answer is five eights.

What is five one fourth minus two three fourths?

two one half

What is one and five eighths minus seven eights?

Six eighths, or three fourths.

What is five fourths minus five eights?

five eighths

What is two and three fourths times one and two thirds divide by five?

2 and three fourths times one = 2.75 2/3 divided by 5= 0.133333333

Eight and one tenth minus five and three fourths?

The answers is 2 and 7/20