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5/8 times 3/5 = 3/8 in its lowest terms

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Q: What is five eighths time three fifths?
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Why did southern states dislike the three-fifths compromise?

Southern states did not like the Three-Fifths Compromise because it reduced the size of their population counted for representation in Congress. Every five slaves would only count as three people when it came time to elect the members of the House of Representatives.

What is three fifths time two and two thirds?

The answer to the mathematical equation of three fifths times two and two thirds is 1and 3/5 or 8/5.

How many times does 40 go into 24?

Three fifths of a time

What were the causes of the slaves in the Revolutionary War?

Slaves were counted as a whole instead of three fifths and the slaves were a lot cheaper in the time of war. Slaves were counted as a whole instead of three fifths and the slaves were a lot cheaper in the time of war.

How did the growing number of enslaved people affect southern law?

then, there was representation by population and the law around that time stated that three-fifths of a slave would be counted in population. it was called the three-fifths compromise.

What is two fifths time three?

2/5 x 3= 6/5

Why did Henry Clay write the three-fifth compromise?

Henry Clay did NOT write the Three-Fifths compromise. In fact, at the time that the Three-Fifths compromise was accepted by the government in 1787, Clay was only about 10 years old. Not to mention that the Three-Fifths compromise was first proposed about four years before that, in 1783, when Clay was only about 6 years old.

What does all for one one for all and three for five mean?

"...three for five" as stated on The Cosby Show is NOT a play on words as the answer on Wiki and other sites notes. It is a historical reference to the three-fifth rule, whereby free black slaves were counted as three-fifths of a white citizen for purposes of allocating congressional representatives among the states (five blacks were counted as three whites). Bill Cosby caveats his statement of equality and solidarity ("all for one and one for all") with the reference to a time in history when this equality did not exist.

What is five eights time three five?

It is 600

Do you hyphen three thirty?

No. It is three thirty, but in five minutes time it will be three thirty-five.

What formula generates this sequence four sevenths five eighths two thirds seven tenths?

Each time, you add one to the numerator and one to the denominator.

What describes the Cloture Rule?

three fifths of senators can vote to limit debate on a subject to 30 hours of floor time

Three fifths of the senate can vote to limit debateon a subject to 3 hours of floor time this is called?

The cloture rule

What is seven eighths time three and one fourth?

7/8 x 13/4 = 91/32 = 2 and 27/32

What was America like in the late 1700s and did this arrangement Three-fifths Compromise suit the country at the time?

America was worst than it is today and no this arrangement did not suit the country at the time

How many three fifths are in three?

5 actually, the decimal of 3/5 is equal to 0.6. if you divide 3 by 0.6, you get five. this method works for other fraction equations as well. hope this helps and sorry some retard gave you nine. honestly, check your work next time.

What is seven eighths time sixteen?


Is twenty twenty fifths equivalent to four fifths?

yes....... use a calculator next time, please.

What is 2 time 7 eighths?


What is 5 eighths time 5?


In five years time you will be three times as old as you were three years ago how old are you now?


What are the probability of rolling a five on one die three time in a row?

i hate this place

What authors is a five time nominee of the Man Booker Prize?

There have been three five-time nominees: Margaret Atwood, Beryl Bainbridge, and Ian McEwan.

How many three fifths are in one?

1 can be described as 5/5. So, 3/5 can completely fit within 5/5 one time with 2/5 remaining.

What time is 2 fifths of a day?

2 fifths of a day is 9.6 hours.