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29/24 = 15/24 = 1.208333...

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Q: What is five eights plus seven twelfths?
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What is seven twelfths plus five twelfths simplified?

The answer is 1.

What is five eights plus seven eights?

Five eights plus seven eights is twelve eights. 12/8 is 8/8 and 4/8 is 1 4/8 is 1 1/2 (one and a half)

What is five eighths plus one fourth?

seven eighths

What is the answer for one-fourth plus five eighth?

Seven Eights.

What is five twelfths plus five twelfths?


What is three twelfths plus four twelfths?


What is five sixths plus seven twelves?

Seventeen twelfths (17/12)

What is seven eights plus four?

four and seven eights

What is six and three fourth plus two and five six?

nine and seven twelfths

Is one sixteenth plus two twelfths eleven forty eights?


What is three and one half plus two and three eights?

Five and seven eighths

What is seven eghts plus five sixs by estimating?

You don't need to estimate this! Seven eights + five sixes = 56 + 30 = 86.

What is one sixth plus five twelfths?

7 twelfths.That's 2 twelfths plus 5 twelfths. Soit's 7 twelfths.

Four twelfths plus five twelfths equal?


What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

What is five eights plus two eitghts?

The meaning of the question is ambiguous. Five eights is 5*8 = 40 Two eighths (?) is 2/8 = 1/4 = 0.25 So the sum would be 40.25 Alternatively five eights plus two eights = seven eights = 7*8 = 56

What is seven and one third plus five and eleven twelfths in simplest form?

Eight and one fourth.

What is five eighths plus seven twelfths?

5/8 + 7/12 is 1 5/24

What is three twelfths plus five twelfths?

8/12, or 2/3

What is seven twelfths plus five twelfths in simplest form?

7/12 + 5/12 = 12/12 = 1

What is three eights plus one fourth plus one whole?

one and five eights

What is eight and three fourths plus three and seven twelfths?

twelve and four twelfths

What is seven eights plus three eights?

Seven eights plus three eights is ten eights. Now, possibly you intended to ask about eighths, rather than eights. Ten eighths is equal to one and a quarter. However, ten eights is equal to 80. The extra h makes a difference.

What is one and a half plus five twelfths plus six twelfths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 3/2 + 5/12 + 6/12 = 2 5/12 or two and five twelfths.

What is seven eighths plus five twelfths?

21/24 + 10/24 = 31/24 = 1 and 7/24