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5/16 is equal to 0.3125

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Q: What is five fifteenths as a decimal?
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What is five fifteenths as a percent?

Five fifteenths is 5/15. To get the percent of any fraction divide the top by the bottom. So 5 divided by 15 is 0.33333333........ It is a repeating decimal.

What is 7 fifteenths as a decimal?

7 fifteenths = 7/15 = 0.466667

What is eight fifteenths in decimal form?


What is eight fifteenths as a decimal?


Is one third equal to five fifteenths?

Yes one third is equal to five fifteenths.

What is 4four fifteenths as a decimal?


What is twelve fifteenths in a decimal?


What is fourteen fifteenths as a decimal?


What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

How do you write twelve fifteenths as a decimal and a percent?

80% and 0.80 as decimal

What is three and six fifteenths in a Decimal?


How do you put four fifteenths into a decimal?


What is one and four fifteenths as a decimal?


What is thirteen fifteenths as a decimal?

0.86666 repeating

What is six fifteenths written as a decimal?


What is the decimal for seven fifteenths?

0.46666 repeating

The square is divided into 3 parts part a is one third of the area of the square part b is two fifth of the area of the square what fraction of the area of the square is part c?

One-third is the same as five-fifteenths. Two-fifths is the same as six-fifteenths. Five-fifteenths plus six-fifteenths is eleven-fifteenths. One, or fifteen-fifteenths, minus eleven-fifteenths is four-fifteenths.

What is the fraction five fifteenth plus six fifteenth?

Five fifteenths, or 5/15, plus six fifteenths, or 6/15, is equal to eleven fifteenths, or 11/15.

How would you write twenty-five fifteenths as a mixed number?

Twenty-five fifteenths as a mixed number = 12/3

What is six fifteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 6/15 is equal to 0.4.

What is three fifteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 3/15 is equal to 0.2.

What is four fifteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 0.26 recurring (that is, 0.26666..)

Are five fifteenths and two quarters equal?

No five fifteenths is a third whereas two quarters is a half. So they aren't equal

What is twenty-two fifteenths as a decimal?

1.46666 repeating

What is three fifteenths in decimal?

3/15 = 0.2