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1 1/3 =1 3/9

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Q: What is five ninths plus seven ninths?
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Related questions

What is five ninths plus five ninths plus five ninths?

It is: 15/9 or1 and 2/3

What is five ninths plus five ninths equal to?

1 and 1 ninths

What does five fourths plus seven ninths equal?

2 1/36

What is negative five fourths plus negative seven ninths?

You should know that.

What is five ninths plus five ninths?


What is five sixths plus seven ninths?

5/6 plus 7/9 is 1 and 11/18.

What Is Seven Ninths Plus One Half?

the correct answer is 1 5/18 or one and five eighteenths

What is five over nine times fourteen?

seven and seven ninths.....or...... seventy ninths

What is Five and six ninths plus three and eight ninths?

That is 9 and 5 ninths.

What is seven ninths minus five ninths?


What is bigger seven ninths or five ninths?


What is one third plus two ninths plus five ninths?

1 1/9th

What does five ninths plus two thirds equal?

One and two ninths

What is seven ninths plus five sixths?

It is: 7/9+5/6 = 29/18 or 1 and 11/18

What is five fourths plus seven ninths?

45/36 + 28/36 = 73/36 = 2 and 1/36

What is seven ninths plus one ninths?

7/9+1/9 = 8/9We know that seven cows plus one cow = eight cows, seven dollars plus one dollar = eight dollars,seven stones plus one stone = eight stones, and seven trucks plus one truck = eight trucks.Similarly we may conclude that seven hundred plus one hundred = eight hundred, andseven ninths plus one ninth = eight ninths.

What is six ninths plus seven ninths?

13/9 or 1 and 4/9

What is one-third plus three-ninths?

One-third plus three-ninths is 2/3.7/9

What is seven ninths of forty five?


What is one ninth plus five ninths?

6 ninths. That is two thirds: 2/3.

What is one third plus four ninths?

It is seven ninths.

What is Seven twelfths plus seven ninths?

49/36 or 1 13/36

What is a third plus five-ninths?


What is five ninths plus two ninths?

The sum of 5/9 and 2/9 is 7/9.

What operation must be done to both sides of the equation to solve p plus negative three and seven-ninths equals five-sixths?