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5/6 + 4/8 = 11/3

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Q: What is five over six plus four over eight equals?
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What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

What is four over thirty two equal to?

it equals eight * * * * * No, it does not! Four over thirty two equals an eighth or one over eight!

Is five over eight greater than four over six?


What is greater one over four or five over eight?

Answer= 5 over 8

How many tenths in four over eight?

Five tenths.

How do you add five over eight plus one over four?

you add five over 8 plus 4

What is five over four equals 3 over 4?

It is a FALSE statement.

What is the decimal of four over five?

4/5 equals 0.8.

Four over five divided by two over three equals?

1 1/5.

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

Eight minus w over ten equals three over five?

yazen is so cool

What is four over five multiplied by three over eight equal?

0.3 or 3 over 10.

What is the sum of one fourth plus one half plus one eighth?

Two over eight plus four over eight plus one over eight equals seven over eight

What is 8-35 reduced?


X over two minus four equals negative five?

If you say so!

What is y over three plus y over four equals five over six?


What is four over five plus one over eight?

4/5 + 1/8 = 37/40

What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

What is the mixed number for twenty four over eight?

There is no possible mixed number it simply equals 3.

What is five over eight plus one over four?

The sum of 5/8 and 1/4 is 7/8.

One over two plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?

15 over 16

What is bigger five over eight or three over four?

3 over 4 is 6 over 8 and is bigger than 5 over 8.

What is N if N plus three over eight equals negative four?

N = -4 and 3/8

What is six sevenths multiplied by five eights equals?

6 sevenths multiplied by 5 eights equals 15 over twenty-eight, or 15/28

What is 1 over 2 plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?

0.9375 or 15/16