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five sixteenth is written as 5/16. This already is a fraction.

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Q: What is five sixteenth as a fraction?
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What fraction part of a pound is an ounces?

one sixteenth

What is 1 fraction of a sixteenth as a percentage?


What is the LCD of five-sixth and five-sixteenth?


What is one sixteenth plus five sixteenth?

One of anything plus five of the same thing is equal to six of them.

What is five sixteenth as a percentage?


Convert five sixteenth to decimal?


What is five sixteenth of forty eight?


What fraction is equivalent to four sixteenth?

The fraction four sixteenths is equal to 1/4, or one quarter.

What is one sixteenth in simplest form?

This fraction is already in simple form.

What is one ninth plus one sixteenth as a fraction?

It is 25/144.

Express the fraction three forth seven sixteenth and five eighth with the LCD?

3/4 = 12/167/16 = 7/165/8 = 10/16

How do you write eighth and sixteenth notes as a fraction?

1/8 and 1/16

How many millimeters in five sixteenth of an inch?

7.9375 mm

What fraction strips could you make if you started with a fourths strip?

You can make eights or sixteenth

What fraction of a sample remains after 4 half-lives?

One sixteenth. (1 / 24)

What fraction of a mile is represented by 330 feet?

One sixteenth of a mile.

What is the equivalent fraction for five tenths?

The equivalent fraction for five tenths is one half.

What is the fraction for five divided by two?

The fraction for five divided by two is 5/2

How do you write five thousandths as a fraction?

Five thousandths written as a fraction is 5/1000

What is 6 and one sixth minus 5 and 3 fourths?

Five sixteenth

What is three sixteenth plus five eighths?

thirteen sixteenth 5/8 = 10/16 3/16 + 10/16 = 13/16

What is a smaller fraction than a half?

one fourth, on eighth, one sixteenth, and keep doubling the number

Is five over five an improper fraction?

No its one.

Is five and one half a fraction?

Yes, five and one half (5 1/2) is a fraction.

What is one eighth of sixteen in fraction form?

one eighth of sixteen in fraction form is 1/8 * 16/1 = 2/1 or 2.