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Do the math! (One and two-thirds)

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Q: What is five sixths of 2 miles?
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What is five-sixths of twelve?


What is six sixths Minus five sixths?


What is 2 minus five sixths of a whole?

2 minus five sixths is 1 1/6.

five-sixths of a mile is one-third of the drive to school. how far is the drive to school?

2 and 1/2 miles in total.

How many sixths are there in 2 and five sixths?

2 5/6 / 1/6 = 17

What is five sixths times five?

7 1/2

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

What is half of five sixths?


What has a greater numerator two sixths or five sixths?

Five sixths, as five is greater than two.

What is five sixths of 18?

Five sixths of 18 would equal 15.

Which one is greater five eighths or five sixths?

five sixths

What is five sixths divided by 2?


What is five sixths x 81?


How many twefths are in five - sixths?


What is 2 and a half minus 1 and 2 thirds?

You have to convert your fractions so that they are all the same. In this case, we can use sixths. So two and three sixths (two and a half), minus one and four sixths (one and two thirds), would equal five sixths. Another way to do it is to convert the whole numbers to sixths as well. Fifteen sixths minus ten sixths equals five sixths.

How many sixths does five and three sixths have?

33 sixths

What is 3 and one-sixths minus 2 and one-third?


What is nine and five sixths plus six and five sixths?


What is 1 and five sixths in a decimal?

1 and five sixths = 1.8333 . . .

What is five sixths of a yard?

Five sixths of a yard is 30 inches

What is five-sixths rounded to the nearest fraction?

It is five sixths.

What is simplest form for five sixths?

Five sixths is the simplest form.

Which is more two thirds or five sixths?

Five sixths is more. 2/3 = 8/12 while 5/6 = 10/12

What are the five number between 2 and 3?

There are an infinite number of numbers between 2 and 3, but if you are looking for five equally-spaced numbers between the two, they would be: 2 1/6 (two and one sixth) 2 2/6 (two and two sixths) 2 3/6 (two and three sixths) 2 4/6 (two and four sixths) 2 5/6 (two and five sixths)

Which is the largest two thirds or five sixths?

Five sixths... two thirds equals FOUR sixths.