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one half

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Q: What is five sixths of three fifths?
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What is one and three fifths divided by five sixths?


Is three fifths two sixths?

No three fifths is not equal to two sixths

Is three fifths less than three sixths?

yes, because three sixths is a half, cause three plus three is six, not five.

Is three fifths less than five sixths?

Yes, it is less.

Is three fourths four fifths and five sixths least to greatest?


What is two fifths of the product of five sixths?

one eighth of a three fourth

Is two fifths greater or less than five sixths?

According to maths, two fifths is greater than five sixths.

Is five sixths greater than four fifths?

Yes it is. Five sixths is about 0.83 in decimal and four fifths is exactly 0.8 in decimal.

Is two fives bigger than five sixths?

No, five sixths is bigger than two fifths.

What is three fifths times five sixths?

3/5 x 5/6 is 1/2

Which is bigger three fifths or four sixths?


What is two-fifths divided by five-sixths?

tweleve over twenty-five

What is two thirds divided by four fifths?

Five sixths.

What is five sixths of nine fifths?

45/30ths or 1.5

How many sixths does five and three sixths have?

33 sixths

Is three sixths more than four fifths?

No, it is not.

What is five sixths - two sixths?

three sixths, or one half

What is two and five sixths divided by six and four fifths?

2.125 is the answer

What is three and five sixths plus four and three sixths?


Is three sixths more than two fifths?


WHAT IS equivalent to sixths-tenths?

three fifths, 60 percent

Is one half equal to three fifths?

No, one half is 50% and three fifths is 60%. One half also equals three sixths and not three fifths.

What is bigger three quarters or five sixths?

Five sixths is the bigger fraction.

What is six and two fifths divided by two and three sixths?

In lowest terms, six and two fifths divided by two and three sixths = 64/25 or 214/25

What is the five and three fifths as a decimal?

Five and three fifths as a decimal is 5.60.