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5 to 100, 5%

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Q: What is five tenths over ten in a ratio and percent?
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How many tenths in four over eight?

Five tenths.

How many tenths in 1 over 2?

Five tenths

What is five over twelve as a percent?

what is five over twelve as a percent

What is the fraction of five-tenths?

Since 5 tenths is 5 over ten, 5 tenths as a Fraction is 5/10. 5 tenths

What is the difference between a ratio and a decimal?

For example, lets say we have the fraction 70 over 10. The decimal form for that would be 7 tenths (.7) but the ratio could either be 70 percent, .7, and 7 to 3.

What would 3 over 10 be as percent turned in to a ratio?

As a percent turned into a ratio, 3 over 10 would be 3:10

How many tenths in 4 over 8?

4/8 = 0.5 so that there are five tenths.

What is 5 over 10 as a percent and ratio?

50% and the ratio is 1:2

How many tenths are there in two and two over five?

24 of them.

What is two over five as a percent?

40 percent

What is five sixths minus three tenths?

4 over 7

What is seven tenths plus five tenths?

Twelve tenths. Which can be written as: Twelve over Ten. It can also be written as One and Two tenths.12-----10or1 & 2---10

1.71 percent translate into a ratio?

1.71 over 100

What is one over twenty five as a percent?

One over twenty-five is 4%.

How is 14 over 20 written as a percent?

The fraction 14 over 20 reduces to 7 over 10 which is seven tenths. seven tenths expressed as a decimal is 0.7 which equals 70%.

What percent is 22 out of 23?

over ninety-five percent 95.65217391304348

How do you write a ratio 39 over 100 as an percent?

0.39 or 39%

What is the percent of two over five?


What is four over five as a percent?


What is five over eight as a percent?


What is one over five as a percent?


What is nine and five tenths plus three and two fifths?

twelve and nine tenths/one hundred and twenty nine over ten/12.9

What is the ratio of 6 pints to 5 cups?

the answer is twelve over five (12 over 5)

What is five over eight converted into a percent?


What is seventy five over twenty as a percent?