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What is five times four?

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Five times four equals twenty.


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What property is five times four equals four times five?


How much is four times five?

Four times five is twenty - 4 x 5 = 20

What is 4 times four times four times four times four?

This would be equivalent to four to the power of five, with a total of 1024.

What is four million five hundred thousand times 3000?

Four million five hundred thousand times 3,000 is 13,500,000,000

What is five and five sixth times four and four fifth?

5 and 5/6 times 4 and 4/5 = 28

Is five times four two?

no its 20

What is twenty four twenty fives of seventy five?

If you mean twenty-four twenty-fifths of 75, the answer is 72. Twenty-five times 3 is seventy-five, twenty-four times 3 is seventy-two.

What state in the US has the letter a in it five times?

Alabama has the letter a in it four times. No U.S. state has the letter a in it five times.

Does 5 to the fourth power have the same value as five times four?

No, whoever answered this before was stupid. 5 to the fourth power is NOT the same thing as five times four, so it's not going to have the same value. 5 to the fourth power is 5 TIMES 5 TIMES 5 TIMES 5 which is 625. 5 times four is five PLUS five PLUS five PLUS five PLUS five, which is 20. 625 is greater than 20.

What is 6 times three plus five times four?


What is 2 times 2 times 2 times 5 times 5?

Two times two is four, times five is 20, times five is 100.

What is four point five times zero point five equal?


What is 5 times 4 plus 5 over 5?

Five times four is twenty. Twenty plus five is twenty-five. Twenty-five over five is five. The answer is five.

What is five and four fifths times seven?


What is the answer for negative four times five?

negative 20

What is a fraction for four out of five times?


What is minus five times four?

It is minus 20.

What is twenty four times twenty five?


What does OF mean in a math tense?

Times. Four of fives is four lots of fives of 4 times five which is 20.

How many times can 12 go into 53?

Four times with a remainder of five

What is one eighth times five sixths times four fifths?


How many times does five go into 21?

Four times remainder one.

How many times do Percy and Annabeth kiss?

They kiss four or five times.

What is four over five times twenty five?

4/5 * 25 = 20

5 times 1 equal 5 times 1 plus 4 times?

Well, five times one is five, five times five is 25, plus one is 26, times 4 is one-hundred four. So your answer is 104