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It is: 5 times -0.5 = -2.5

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Q: What is five times negative one half?
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What is one half times 5?

One half times five is 2.5

What is seventy five minus negative one half?

75 and a half

What is negative one point five as a fraction?

-1 1/2 (negative one and one half)

What is one third minus five sixths?

Negative one half

What is Negative ten to the third times one half times 4 equals?

negative 2,000. =

What is five sixths times two and one half?

Five sixths multiplied by two and one half is about 2.083.

What is negative one half times negative one?


What is negative 6 times one half?


What is negative one half times six?


What is negative one-half times four?


One half times five?


What is three and one half times five?


What is negative one half times negative two?

The result is 1.

How is one half of five 4?

4 is not one half of five. 2.5 is one half of five.

How do i divide 5 cups of flour into half?

Divide by two. Two goes into five 2 and a half times, so you need two and a half cups of flour. Another way to think of it is instead of using a one cup measure five times, use a half cup measure five times.

What is five and one half times 2000?

11000. im a genius.

How do you divide five sevenths by one half?

Times it reduce if possible

What is one half times five plus three?

google it or bing it

What is negative one half times zero?

Anything multiplied by zero is equal to zero.

What is negative 13 times one half?

-13/2 or -6 and 1/2

How do you multiply one half times five?


What is five eighths times one half?

It is: 5/8 times 1/2 = 5/16

Negative one half plus one?


What is negative four minus one point five?

-5.5 (negative five point five)

Is negative one half greater then negative one fourth?