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It's 9/12 but simplified it's 3/4.

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Q: What is five twelves plus one third?
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What is one sixths plus five twelves?

seven twelves

What is the least common denominator for one-third and five-twelves?

12, i think

What is five twelves mince one third?


What is the answer to five twelves plus one fourth?

The answer is eight twelfths. :)

What is three fourths plus five twelves?

the correct answer is one and one sixth or 1 1/6.

What is one third plus five?

Five an one third or 5.333333333333 ditto!

What is five sixths plus one twelves?

5/6 +1/12 =11/12.

What is one half plus one third plus equal?

One half plus one third equals five sixths or about .8333333.

What is one third plus one twelve?

five twelfths

Is five eighths bigger than ten twelves?

Nowhere near. Five eighths is less than one whereas ten twelves is one hundred twenty.

What is seven twelves minus one third equal?

a quarter :)

What is two thirds plus one?

Five thirds, or one and a third.

What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

What does five twelves plus one foufrth?

If you mean 5/12 + 1/4 the sum is 8/12 ie 2/3

What is five and one third plus four?

the answer is 91/3

What is one third plus five fifteenths?


What is one fourth plus three eighths?

It is four twelves

What is one sixth plus four twelves?

1/2 or one half

What is one and five-six plus one-third?

Two and one-sixth (2-1/6)

What does one third plus two fourths equals?

Five sixths.

What is one third plus five six?

1 and 1/6

What is one third plus two ninths plus five ninths?

1 1/9th

What is one and five twelves times two thirds equal?


How many tablespoons are in one third liquid?

There are 5 and one-third Tablespoons in one third of a US cup. (that is, five Tablespoons, plus one teaspoon)

What is three and five sixth plus one and one third?

5 and 1/6