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The net of a 3D shape

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Q: What is flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimenional solid?
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What shape is three dimenional a dodecagon or a dodecahedron?


A flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimensional solid?

A net for the 3D shape.

You are a flat shape and can be folded up into a three-dimensional solid what are you?


What is a flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimensional solid?


What is a flat shape that can be folded up in to a three dimensional solid?

A square

What is a flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimensional solid starts with letter n?

A net.

What is a three dimenional shape is it one of these cylinder cube cone sphere?

All of those are 3-dimensional shapes.

What is the two dimensional pattern that can be folded into a three dimensional object?

A two-dimensional shape that can be folded into a three-dimensional figure is often called a net.

Is a prism a polygon?

Nope. Prisms are three-dimenional and polygons are two-dimensional.

Does a solid have a definite shape?

yes, a solid such as the marble, does not change its shape and does not take the shape of its container.Yes a solid will have a three dimensional shape ie length, breadth and height.

What solid shape has three surfaces?

A cylinder

What is a three - dimensional figure?

A solid shape.

What is an arrangement of attached polygons that can be folded into a three dimensional shape called?

it is called a net

What is a net in geometry?

If you had a 3D shape made out of paper, that was all folded and taped together, and you pulled the tape off and layed the figure out flat, then you would get the net of the three dimensional solid.

What are the properties?

THE three properties are solids,liquids and gases, The liquid has no shape but has a volume The solid has a shape and a volume THe gas have no shape or volume

What forces and bonds maintain the three dimensional folded shape of a protein molecule?

hydrogen bonds

What is a can of beans is the shape of what geometric solid?


What is another name for a three dimensional shape?

a polyhedron * * * * * That is only if it is bounded by plane faces. A sphere, for example, is a three dimensional shape but is not a polyhedron: it is a solid shape.

What is the difference between a polygon and a solid shape?

The main difference between a polygon and a solid shape is that polygons are two dimensional. In contrast, solid shapes are three dimensional objects.

What is solid volume?

The volume of a three dimensional shape, not allowing for cavities within it.

What are the three classifications of matter?

solid -has definite shape and volume liquid -has no definite shape but has definite volume gas -has no definite shape and volume

Why a cube is not a polygon?

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape. A cube has three dimensions, and is thus not a polygon.A three-dimensional solid shape (such as a cube) is called a polyhedron.

How is a 'solid' defined?

In physics, a solid is a substance or material that has a definite size and shape. In Geometry, a solid is a body or geometric figure having three dimensions.

What does the three states of matter mean?

The three states of matter is solid, liquid, and gas and solid mean thick it has definite shape, mass, and other thing i forgotLiquid means that it has the shape of it's containerGas is the air we breathe

What are the three properties of a solid?

they have a definite shape, the molecules are packed tight and it has volume and mass