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Q: What is formed when two lines or line segments meet?
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Define perpendicular lines and describe the type of angle formed by perpendicular lines or line segments?

The definition of perpendicular lines also defines the angles -- perpendicular lines are two lines (or line segments) that meet at a 90 degree angle.

What figure is formed when two line segments meet?

triangle * * * * * What? Two lines can make an angle, but how can they make a triangle?

What is formed when two lines meet at an endpoint?

Lines don't have endpoints, they extend indefinitely. Two line segments with a common endpoint form an angle.

Lines that meet or cross at one point?

intersecting lines, or line segments

How is an angle formed?

When two line segments meet at a point

What is it called when lines line segments or rays meet at a point?


Which of the word best describes how an angle is formed?

It is formed at a vertex when two line segments meet each other

What does it mean for three lines to be concurrent?

Concurrent lines or line segments occur when 3 or more lines meet at the same point

Where could i find a vertex?

You can find a vertex wherever two lines (or line segments) meet.

What kind of angle is the point where two straight lines or line segments meet to from a angle?

straight angle

What plane geometric figure is formed by three non-collinear line segments that meet at the endpoints?

A triangle

What lines are parallelograms made out of?

Technically, lines are continuous, so parallelograms are actually composed of line segments. The line segments composing the sides of the parallelogram, come in two pairs in 2D space. Each pair is composed of two line segments that are parallel to each other, but do not occupy the same line. The two pares of line segments must all meet to then form a quadrilateral.