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r=d/t is farmula of speed or uniform speed and its si unit is m/s.

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What are the meanings of uniform speed and average speed?

Uniform speed = Speed that doesn't change. Average speed = A number that represents the uniform speed that would have covered the observed distance in the observed time, although the actual speed at any moment during that time is unknown.

Formula for average speed?

average speed = distance / time

Formula of uniform motion?

Acceleration = 0 Speed = constant Distance = (speed) x (time)

A can rolled down an incline and accelerated at a uniform rate It started from rest a speed of 0 ms and reached the bottom of the incline moving with a speed of 1.8ms state the average speed?

For uniform acceleration the average speed is the initial speed plus the final speed divided by two.

What is the meaning of formula for average speed?

It is: Average speed = Distance travelled/Time taken

What is the formula for caculating average speed?

(average distance)/(average time)

What is the formula of constant an average speed?

average distance/average time

Average speed formula?

Average Speed=Distance Time

What is the formula of accelation?

The change in the speed or velocity of the body is a accelation, accelation are of two types one is uniform accelation and and non uniform accelation...

What is the formula to find the average speed of a given distance and time?

Distance = time * average speed (velocity) Average speed = Distance/time

The formula used to calculate average speed?


What is uniform and non uniform speed?

When an object travels in a straight line and at the same speed, we call it an uniform speed. When an object travels at different speeds, we say that the object is at non uniform speed.

What is the formula for average speed?


Formula in finding speed?

Speed is velocity without a direction so therefore the same formula applies. average speed= distance travelled/ time

Finding distance given the average speed?

Use the formula: distance = time x speed.Use the formula: distance = time x speed.Use the formula: distance = time x speed.Use the formula: distance = time x speed.

What is the formula in findingt the value of speed?

average speed = distance travelled/time taken

How do you get average speed?

the formula of average speed is a distance travelled divided by time v= distance travelled /time elapsed

What is the average speed of a Formula 1 race car?

top speed is 190 MPH the average depends on the track's configuration.

What sre the measurements for average speed?

to measure the average speed of a car for instince you must use the following formula SPEED= distance divided by time

What is the top speed of formula one car?

The average speed of a formula 1 car is way over 190-223 mph.

What is different between uniform motion and uniform speed?

I think it's the spelling! hehe, joke...Uniform motion and uniform speed have no exact difference since one is always linked to the other just like the word "change" to acceleration ( Acceleration takes place when there's a change in velocity neither decreasing nor increasing). Therefore, they are directly proportional with each other. When the speed is uniform, the motion is also uniform. When an object is in motion, you may ask "how fast does it move?" and you are now talking about the speed, the magnitude. So when the average speed of an object is uniform, it is safe to say that the motion is also uniform. [=

What is the average racing speed in formula racing?

300 Kph

A train travell 20 km at a uniform speed and 60 km per hour and the next 20 km at a uniform speed of 80 km per hour calculate its average speed?

your answer will be got by (total distance) divided by ( total time).

How can the average speed of an object be used to determine an unmeasured distance?

The average speed of an object can be used to determine an unmeasured distance by using the formula distance = speed x time. The time should also be known for this formula to work.

What is the formula for calculating average speed?

Average speed = (distance traveled during some time) divided by (length of time to travel that distance)

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