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Forty (not fourty) seven point four, as a decimal(!) is 47.4 ! Yes, really.

As a fraction, it is 474/10 = 472/5 Is this the same as 236/5 which certainly seems correct?

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Q: What is forty seven point four as a decimal as a fraction?
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What is the decimal 45.807 in words?

Forty-five point eight zero seven. (it represents forty-five and eight hundred seven thousandths)

What the decimal 45.807 in words?

Forty-five point eight zero seven. (it represents forty-five and eight hundred seven thousandths)

What is forty seven fiftieths as a decimal?

0.94 forty seven fiftieths:47/50:= 47 ÷ 50= 0.94 in decimal

How do you write forty-six tenths and seven hundredths in decimal fraction?

46/10 is 4.6, 7/100 is 0.07

How do you write four hundred seven ten thousandths in standard form and in expanded form?

A decimal is a fractional number and is indicated by digits after a period which is called a decimal point.Tenths have one digit after the decimal point. The decimal 0.8 is pronounced "eight tenths" or "zero point eight". It is equal to the fraction 8/10.Hundredths have two digits after the decimal point. The decimal 0.36 is pronounced "thirty-six hundredths" or "zero point thirty-six". It is equal to the fraction 36/100.Thousandths follow a similar pattern. They have three digits after the decimal point. The decimal 0.749 is pronounced "seven hundred forty-nine thousandths" or "zero point seven forty-nine".There may be zeros after the decimal point. The decimal 0.064 is pronounced "sixty-four thousandths" or "zero point zero sixty-four".A decimal number may be larger than 1. The word and may be used to indicate the decimal point so it should not be used in other parts of the name of the decimal. The decimal 234.987 could be pronounced Two hundred thirty-four AND nine hundred eighty-seven thousandths.

What is seven eights as a fraction as a decimal?

It is 7/8 as fraction and 0.875 as a decimal

What is 40.27 written in word form?

Forty point twenty-seven, or forty point two seven. Also, forty and twenty-seven hundredths, or forty and twenty-seven one hundredths.

What is the decimal form of seven thousand forty-three and seven hundred forty-two thousands?


How do you write forty thousandths in decimal form?


What is forty seven and five tenths as a decimal?


How do you write forty seven tenths as a decimal?


What is twenty seven forty fourths as a decimal?


What is forty-seven tenths in decimal form?


What is twenty seven over forty as a decimal?


How do you write Forty seven thousandths as a decimal?

It is 0.047

What does seven and seven hundred three thousandths look like in fraction and decimal?

Decimal: 7.703 Fraction: 7703/1000

What is forty seven over fifty as decimal?

It is: 47/50 = 0.94 as a decimal

What is forty seven hundred in a fraction?

It is 47/100.

How do you write as decimal fraction seven and thirty one thousandths?

seven and thirty one thousandths= 7.031 in decimal= 7031/1000 in decimal fraction

How do you write forty-seven hundreds in fraction form?

Forty-seven hundreds is the same as 4,700, so expressed as a fraction it is technically 4700/1.If, however, you meant forty-seven hundredths, it is written 47/100.

How do you convert decimal into fraction?

Count the number of digits after the decimal point = d, say.Remove the decimal point from the decimal number, this is the numerator.The denominator is 10^d or 1 followed by d zeros.Simplify the fraction if required.

How do you write Seven hundredths in fraction decimal and percent?

Seven hundredths fraction - 7/100 Seven hundredths decimal - 0.07 Seven hundredths percentage - 7%

How do you write 1.75 percent in words?

As a decimal - One point seven five. As a fraction - One and three quarters.

What is negative forty seven ninths as a decimal?


Eighty and forty seven hundredths written as a decimal?