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Q: What is forty two divided by two and five tenths equal?
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Related questions

What does five-thousand four hundred divided by ten equal?

five hundred forty

What is forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal?

In lowest terms, forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal = 204/19 or 1014/19

What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

How do you write forty six and five tenths in decimal?

The number 46.5 is the written decimal form for forty six and five tenths.

What is 45.50 in word form?

Forty-five and five tenths.

What is forty divided by five thirds?

Forty divided by five thirds = 24/1 or 24

What does forty two divided by eight and two fifths equal?

42 divided by 8 2/5 is five.

What is five tenths?

five tenths is equal to half or in decimals 0.5

What is forty seven and five tenths as a decimal?


Is 5 tenths equal to 4 fifths?

No - five tenths is equal to a half. Four fifths is equal to eight tenths.

Which is greater forty five hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater.Six tenths is greater

How do you say 145.5 in words?

One hundred forty-five and five tenths.

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

What is 541.2?

five hundred forty one and two tenths

How do you write 41.50 in words?

Forty-one and five tenths.

How do you write 42.5 in words?

Forty-two and five tenths.

What is 7 tenths plus five tenths equal?


What is five tenths and three tenths equal to?


What is five tenths divided by one half?

Five tenths divided by one half is twenty five hundredths. Here's a tip: Try using a calculator!

What is five tenths in a decimal?

The number .5 is five tenths. Note that this is equal to one half.

Is one half bigger than five tenths?

No. One half is equal to five tenths.

Is six tenths equal to five twelfths?


How do you write forty-five and six tenths in decimal form?


How do you write decmals 45.6 in words?

Forty-five and six tenths.

How do you write 4547.50?

4,547.50 = four thousand, five hundred forty-seven and five tenths.

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