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Q: What is four-foot rule of safety?
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What you mean by safety rule?

A safety rule is a rule that is followed to try to avoid an accident.

What is the number one rule of Halloween safety?

what is the number 1 rule for halloween safety

What is one rule for gymnastics?

Safety is the biggest rule in Gymnastics.

What is the most important health and safety rule at work?

The most important rule for health and safety at work is "Be aware and alert."

What is the single most important lab safety rule?

Always wear personal protective equipment, including goggles and gloves, when working in a laboratory to protect yourself from chemical splashes, burns, and other hazards.

What is the safety rule for diluting an acid?

Wear safety goggles, do not mix acids unless instructed to do so.

What is the 3030 lightning safety rule?

The 30/30 lightning safety rule is a guideline to help people determine when to seek shelter during a thunderstorm. When you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder. If it's 30 seconds or less, go indoors. Stay inside until 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder.

Safety for a steel rule?

use oil

What is the important safety rule in cycling?

wear helmet

What is the first rule of safety?

Go to higher grounds.

What is the most safety rule?

The most important safety rule is to always follow proper procedures and protocols. This includes wearing appropriate safety gear, following guidelines set by experts, and staying vigilant at all times.

What is the safety rule concerning the handling of excess of chemicals?