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To solve 43/8 + 17/10 the easiest method is to convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions, add these (by finding a common denominator) and converting the resulting improper fraction back to a mixed number:

43/8 = 35/8

17/10 = 17/10

=> 43/8 + 17/10 = 35/8 + 17/10

= 175/40 + 68/40

= 243/40

= 63/40

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Q: What is four and 3 8s plus one and 7 10s?
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-- Split the 8s up into two groups of four. -- Do any kind of arithmetic or algebra you want to with one group of four 8s. -- Do exactly the same thing with the other group of four 8s, and give it a negative sign. -- Add the two groups of 8s. The sum is zero.

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Following order of operations, multiplication happens first and addition happens second. -5(-8s-3)+2(5s+4) =40s+15+10s+8 =50s+23 50s+23 cannot be added as they are not like terms. Like terms need to have the same variables.

How many 8s in 2400?


-4s plus 24-8s plus 16?

The simplified expression is 40 - 12s

What is the factor of the monomial 16s squared plus 8s plus 1?

(4s + 1)(4s + 1) or (4s + 1)2

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When a number is increased by 8 the original value is 75 percent of the new value What is the original value of the number?

So 25% of the new value is the newly-added 8. Therefore the original value is three times that, i.e. 24. This means that three 8s plus the other 8 - i.e. four 8s - equals 32.

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888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

Solve for s 6s plus 2s equals 72?

6s+2s=72 combine like terms 6s+2s=8s set equal to 72 8s=72 divide both sides by 8 to solve for "s". 8s=72 8 8 your answer is s= 72/8 which is 9.

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