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Q: What is four and forty-seven thousands in numbers?
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What is the name for the fortyseven-sided polygon?


How do you show number fortyseven in ASCII?

47 in BCD & ASCII

What value has four digits?

Thousands would be your 4 digit numbers - 1000-9999.

How do you write four thousands as a decimal?

Four thousands is 4,000Four thousandths is 0.004

How do you write numbers in expanded notation?

one hunderd seventy five millions, three hunderd eight thousands, twenty-four

How do you write five hundred thousands three hundreds eight tens ninety four thousands and six ones in figures?

Five hundred thousands is 500,000 Three hundreds is 300 Eight tens is 80 Ninety four thousands is 94,000 Six ones is 6 Combined they give you 594,386 Note that when we describe numbers in words we usually do it in descending order, so we would normally refer to it as "five hundred ninety-four thousand three hundred eighty-six" or "five hundred thousands, nine ten thousands, four thousands, three hundreds, eight tens, and six ones"

How do you write out three and four thousands?

in the first place it's not four thousands it's four's how you write it 3.004.

What is twenty percent of fortyseven thousand pounds?

20% of 47000 pounds = 47000*20/100 = 9400 pounds

How many thousands 400 tens?


How many Hundred thousands 40 ten thousands?

Four of them.

What is 47390 rounded to the nearest thousands?


What number has eight millions four fewer hundred thousands than millions three fewer ten thousands than millions two more thousands than hundred thousands four fewer hundreds than ten thousands?