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six and three sixths or six and one half

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Q: What is four and one third times one and one half?
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What is one and one third times four and a half?

4 1/6

What is one third times one and one half?


What is one half times four one?

four times two and one-half is ten

How can you add one-third of one-half to four-fifth of 7 and get 11?

Hint: four-fifths of "seven" is "even". Now how is one-third of one-half "el"?

What is one third times four times four times twenty four equal?

one hundred twenty-eight

What is the answer for one half times one thirdths?

One third multiplied by 1.5 is one half.

What is one half divided by four one third divided by x?

one half divided by 4 is 2. one third divided by x is 3

What is half of four and one third?

2 1/6

How many times around the track does it take to equal 3 miles?

Three and one third.

What is three and one half times four sixths?

3 1/2 x 4/6 = 2 1/3 or two and one third.

What does four times one over three equal?

four thirds, or one and a third

What is a one half times by a one quarter?

One Third