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In simplest terms, four and two thirds divided by one and one-sixth equals 4/1 or 4

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Q: What is four and two thirds divided by one and one-sixth equals what value?
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What is the value of x if 3ax plus a equals 5a?

Five thirds (five over three)

What is the value of c divided by 30 that equals 12?

The value of c/30 that equals 12 is 12 . In order to make that value, 'c' must be 360 .

What is n divided by 2 equals 3?

The value of 'n' is 6

Is 0 divided by 5 equals 0 a true statement or is 5 divided by 0 equals 0 a true statement why?

yes 5*0=0 it is because 0 has no value. 0*5=0 it is the same 0 has no value so it is 0

If zero divided by anything equals zero and anything divided by zero equals infinity and anything divided by itself equals one then what is the value of zero divided by zero?

Nothing. 3/4 means three fourths 0/0 is therefore no nothings.

Find the value of n divided by 6 when n equals 18?

3 18 divided by 6 is 3.

What does mathematical value mass and volume provide when divided by each other?

Mass divided by volume equals density.

What is the value of n for 517 divided by 2 equals n?


What is value of y when10 divided into y equals y?

y = 100

How do you calculate one thirds?

Divide your value by 3. 9 is one third of 27. 27 divided by 3 is 9.

How many thirds are in 12 inches?

Twelve inches can be divided into three thirds of four inches each. Additionally, the value 1/3 can fit into twelve inches exactly 36 times.

4z plus 6 divided by 3 equals?

That depends entirely on what the value of z is.

What is the value of y in the formula 'y divided by 9 equals 5?


What is the value of x if x divided by negative fifteen equals negative four?


What is the value of n in n divided by7-5 equals 26?


What is the value of n is 48 divided by 7 equals 6 Rn?

n = 6

What is -6 divided by -3?


What two-thirds equals?

Two Thirds (2/3) can also be expressed as 66.6% (To a certain degree of accuracy). You can calculate two thirds of a value by multiplying it with 0.66 - Again, this isn't exactly precise, but usually accurate enough for most common purposes.

How do you find the rf value?

the rf value equals the distance of the component from the starting point divided by the distance of the solvent from the starting point.

X2 equals 5 what is the value of x?

if x2 = 5 the value of x has to be 5 divided by 2 which is 2.5 x = 2.5

What is the answer to y equals 1 divided by 3x plus 6?

That depends entirely on the value of x.

How is the value of pi equals 3.142?

The circumference of a circle divided by the radius. (Works on any circle)

What is the value of 6 plus 18 divided by 3 times 4?

With no parentheses, that equals 30.

What is 3z divided by 2 which equals 9?

If 3z/2 = 9 then the value of z is 6

What is difference between equals and equals equals operators?

The equals operator is used for assigning a value to a variable. ex String name = "efu"; the equals equals operator is used for comparaing if the given value is equal to another value which is assigned for a variable. ex int i = 0; int j = 5; if( i == 0){ System.out.println(j+"can't be divided by"+i); }else{ System.out.println("answer is " +j/i); }