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It is: 4/5 minus 4/15 = 8/15

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Q: What is four fififths minus four fifteenths?
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What is 3 fifteenths minus 5 fifteenths?

3 fifteenths minus 5 fifteenths equals minus 2 fifteenths.

What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

What is 1 third minus 2 fifths?

Converting to fifteenths, it is 5 fifteenths - 6 fifteenths, which gives minus one fifteenth.

What does 10 minus 2 and four fithteenths equal?

7 and eleven fifteenths.

What is the answer to two third minus four fifteenths?

6/15 which then can be simplified to 2/5

What is 13 fifteenths minus two fifths?

It is seven fifteenths.

What is 5 and two fifths minus -2 and seven fifteenths?


What is 2 over 5 minus 1 over 3?

We convert to fifteenths which gives six fifteenths minus five fifteenths, so the answer is one fifteenth.

What is two and four fifths minus thirteen fifteenths?

It is: 2 and 4/5 minus 13/15 = 1 and 14/15

The square is divided into 3 parts part a is one third of the area of the square part b is two fifth of the area of the square what fraction of the area of the square is part c?

One-third is the same as five-fifteenths. Two-fifths is the same as six-fifteenths. Five-fifteenths plus six-fifteenths is eleven-fifteenths. One, or fifteen-fifteenths, minus eleven-fifteenths is four-fifteenths.

Four fifths minus four over three?

4/5 - 4/3 = -8/15, or negative eight fifteenths

What is 11 over 15 minus 10 over 15?

Eleven fifteenths minus ten fifteenths is equal to one fifteenth.

What is four fifths minus one third?

7/15 or seven fifteenths

What is one fifteenth minus two fifths?

Find the "common denominator". 2/5 is 6/15. So 1 fifteenth minus 6 fifteenths is minus 5 fifteenths , or minus one third

What is nine tenths minus eight fifteenths?

Nine tenths minus eight fifteenths equals eleven thirtieths.

What is 7 15ths - 2 5ths?

2 fifths is 6 fifteenths, so 7 fifteenths minus 6 fifteenths is 1 fifteenth.

What is forty one and four fifths minus six and six fifteenths?

41.8 - 6.4 = 35.4 = 35 and 2/5

What is 1 and 2 3rds - 1 5th?

Convert the fraction parts to like terms, in this case fifteenths. 2 thirds is 10 fifteenths. 1 fifth is 2 fifteenths. So the final resuls is 1 and 10 fifteenths minus three fifteenths which is 1 and 7 fifteenths.

What is nine tenths minus nine fifteenths?

9/10 minus 9/15 is 3/10

What is seven tenths minus nine fifteenths?

7/10 minus 9/15 is 1/10

What is three fifths minus two fifteenths?

3/5 minus 2/15 is 7/15.

What is 11 fifteenths minus 1 third?


Can you simplify the fraction four fifteenths?


What is one third minus three fifths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/3 - 3/5 = -4/15 or minus four fifteenths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to -0.26 recurring (that is, -0.26666...)

What is 2 one thirds plus 1 four fifths?

First we convert them into similar units, giving us 10 fifteenths and 12 fifteenths. Together that is 22 fifteenths or 1 and 7 fifteenths.