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the answer to your question is 80%

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Q: What is four fifth in percentage?
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What is four fifth as a percentage?


What is four and one fifth as a percentage?


What is the percent to four fifth?

4/5 as a percentage is 80%

What is three fifth's as a percentage?

three fifth's as a percentage = 60%

What is one fifth as a decimal and a percentage?

One fifth as a decimal is 0.20 One fifth as a percentage is 20%

Is three fifth greater than four fifth?

No four fith is bigger

What percentage is a fifth?


What is four fifth divided by one fifth?


What is two fifth percent as a fraction?

Two fifths, as a fraction, is equivalent to four tenths, which is .4 as a decimal. Two fifths, as a percentage, is 40%.

What is the decimal for four and one fifth?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, four and one fifth is equal to 4.2.

What is the fifth multiple of four?

The fifth multiple of four is twenty. 5 * 4 = 20

How much percentage is a fifth?


What is a fifth expressed as an percentage?


What 9 fifth as a percentage?


Is one fifth bigger than four twentieths?

Both are same as four twentieth is nothing but one fifth.

What is 6 and four fifth subtract by 3 and one fourth?

6 and four fifth subtract by 3 and one fourth = 3

what is one fifth times four fifths?


What percentage is 4 fifth equal to?

the answer is 80%

What is one fifth written as a percentage?


What is four fifth of 20.5?

Four fifths of 20.5 is 16.4.

What is 1 fifth as a percentage?

One-fifth is equal to twenty percent (20%) .

How do you write four twentieths as a percentage?

Four twentieths written as a percentage is 8%

What is the percentage and deccimal of 1 fifth?

20% or 0.2

What is two fifth in percentage?

2/5 = 40%

What is 3- fifth as a percentage?

3/5 = 60%

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