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Q: What is four fifths of ten?
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Related questions

What 4 5 fifths of ten?

Four fifths of ten is 8.

What is ten and four fifths as a decimal?


How many four-fifths are in 8?


What is four thirds divided by two fifths?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

What number is four fifth of ten?

Four fifths of 10 is 8.

What are four fifths of ten?

1 fifth of ten is 2 * 4 is 8

What is 8 divided by four fifths equal?


What is ten elevenths minus four fifths?


What is four fifths divided by the whole number ten?


What is the answer to four ones divided by ten thirds?

Four ones divided by ten thirds = 6/35 (six thirty-fifths).

How do you write ten and four-fifths?

10 and 4/5 = 10.8

What is ten divided by four-fifths?

10 / 4/5 = 12.5

Whath is the bigger fraction four fifths or two fifths?

four fifths

Which is greater two fifths or four fifths?

four fifths.

What is four fifths times ten?

4/5 x 10 is 8.

Is ten twenty-fifths in simplest form?

No ten twenty-fifths is the same as two fifths

What is twenty four fifths minus three?

Twenty four fifths is four and four fifths. So if you take three away, that leaves one and four fifths.

What is 6 multiplied by four fifths?

four and four fifths

Which is larger four sevenths or four fifths?

Four fifths.

What is three fifths times ten?

Three fifths times ten is 6.

How many fifths in one and four fifths?

One is five fifths. Five fifths and four fifths is nine fifths.

What is four fifths as a number?

Four fifths IS anumber.

What is four fifths of 90?

four fifths is 72

Is 4 the answer to 2fiths of 10?

Yes... four is two fifths of ten.

What fraction of the pins are in the back row in bowling?

Four out of ten or 2/5 (two-fifths).

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