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11:10 a.m.

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Q: What is four hours and twenty two minutes after six forty eight am?
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How many hours are in 148 minutes?

There are two hours and twenty-eight minutes or 2.47 hours in 148 minutes.

What is 9 hours and forty two minutes minus 3 hours and eight teen minutes?

6 hours 24 minutes.

How long is it from twenty minutes to five until twenty minutes past five?

Answer 1:20 + 20 = 40 minutesAnswer 2:Unable to determine. Twenty minutes till five pm or am? Twenty minutes after five pm or am? Possibly it is forty minutes. Could be as long as 12 hours and forty minutes.

Convert 8.66 hours into words?

eight and sixty six hundredths hours or eight hours and forty minutes (approx)

How many minutes are there in 47 hours?

2820 (two thousand eight hundred and twenty) minutes are the in 47 hours

What is twenty four hours divided by four eight minutes?

24 hours is equal to 1440 minutes. If you divide this by 48 minutes, you get 30.

How long is it between 945 in the morning and 1830?

Eight hours, forty-five minutes

What is three forty five plus 4 hours and 15 minutes?


If it takes 10 minutes to eat breakfast then how old is Joe Glustick who lives in Washington?

twenty two years, seven months, sixteen days, four hours, forty nine minutes, and fifty eight seconds old.

How much time has passed from forty nine minutes after eight in the morning to three minutes to ten in the evening?

12 hours and seven minutes

Two words for nine hours forty eight minutes on Jupiter planet?

Rotation period or a day

How much is 48 hours?

Forty-eight (48) hours is equal to two (2) days, 2,880 minutes, or 172,800 seconds.