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Irrational Numbers are infinitely dense. Between any two numbers, there are infinitely many irrational numbers. So if it was claimed that some irrational, x, was the closest irrational to 6, it is possible to find an infinite number of irrationals between 6 and x. Each one of these infinite number of irrationals would be closer to 6 than x. So the search for the nearest irrational must fail.

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Q: What is four irrational numbers closest to 6 on the number line?
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What is four irrational numbers closest to 3 on the number line?

e, √8, pi, √10

Is four fifths a rational or irrational number?

4/5 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Which number is a irrational 317 25 0.6 33?

The given four numbers are all rational numbers

What four kinds of numbers can be graphed on a number line?

Integer, rational and irrational numner, real number

Is the square root of any whole number an integer ar an irrational number?

Some square roots of whole numbers are integers, some of them are irrational numbers. The square root of four for instance is a rational number, 2. The square root of two however is an irrational number, approximately 1.414211356.

What are four examples of irrational numbers?

Four examples of irrational numbers are 21/2, 31/2, 51/2 & 71/3

Is the square root of four a real number or a rational number or an irrational number or integers or a whole number?

The square root of 4 is a whole number, an integer, rational and real.

Can you add two irrational numbers to get a rational number?

Yes Yes, the sum of two irrational numbers can be rational. A simple example is adding sqrt{2} and -sqrt{2}, both of which are irrational and sum to give the rational number 0. In fact, any rational number can be written as the sum of two irrational numbers in an infinite number of ways. Another example would be the sum of the following irrational quantities [2 + sqrt(2)] and [2 - sqrt(2)]. Both quantities are positive and irrational and yield a rational sum. (Four in this case.) The statement that there are an infinite number of ways of writing any rational number as the sum of two irrational numbers is true. The reason is as follows: If two numbers sum to a rational number then either both numbers are rational or both numbers are irrational. (The proof of this by contradiction is trivial.) Thus, given a rational number, r, then for ANY irrational number, i, the irrational pair (i, r-i) sum to r. So, the statement can actually be strengthened to say that there are an infinite number of ways of writing a rational number as the sum of two irrational numbers.

Is four over twenty-seven an irrational number?

No. And it is not even an irrational number!

How is four on the middle of five?

well 5 is an odd number there for 2 numbers can't be added to make odd numbers so 4 is the closest number to five so we use it as the middle number for five :D

What is a set of four numbers that can be classified as real numbers and irrational numbers only?

It is {sqrt(2), sqrt(3.7), pi, and e}.

Which plug is number 4 on a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L?

Number four is the cylinder closest to the driver side.Number four is the cylinder closest to the driver side.

Is four an irrational number?

No it is rational ( all integers are rational)

What are the last four digits of pi?

Pi is irrational, there are no last digits, the number does not end.

What are the four kinds of real numbers?

Integers (eg 5), rational numbers (eg 7/9), irrational numbers (eg sqrt(3), transcendental numbers (eg π).

When is a set of negative irrational numbers closed?

It cannot be closed under the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) because it is indeed possible to come up with two negative irrational numbers such that their sum/difference/product/quotient is a rational number, indicating that the set is not closed. You will have to think of a different operation.

Is four over three irrational?

No because 4/3 is a rational number

Is the square root of four irrational?

No, they are not irrational.

Why the microprocessor starts with four number?

the binary numbers are in four bit number

What is the least number that is divisible by four different prime numbers?

the least number is 210 which is divisible by four different prime numbers.

The mean of four numbers is 25 and three of the numbers are 17 23 and 25 what is the fourth number?

the mean of four numbers is 25 and three of the numbers are 17 23 and 25 what is the fourth number?

Is negative one over four a rational irrational or a real number?

It is rational and, therefore, real.

Is 14 a whole number?

four teen is not a whole number and neither is 10 or the squareroot of 10 its also not a natural number an integer an irrational # or a real #

What are four irrational numbers?

under root 2, under root 3, under root 5,under root 6.

Three of four numbers have a sum of 22. If the average of the four numbers is 8 what is the fourth number?

The fourth number is 10.