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Q: What is four score and 6 years old?
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What is the first 6 words of the Gettysburg Address?

Lincoln's Emancipation was proclaimed great honor and contact officicated in glory.

What are the first 6 words of the Gettysburg Address delivered by President Abraham Lincoln?

Four score and seven years ago

How old do you have to be to race four wheelers?

you are suppose to be 5 or 6 years old

How many years is 6 score?

1 score=20 year so 6 score = 6 x 20 =120 years

How old is the oldest turkey?

it only lives three to four years.

What is four score 6 letter word?


How old are poppy and rosie of of Tracy beaker returns?

Poppy and Rosie are portrayed as 6 years old in "Tracy Beaker Returns."

What does 2 score and 6 mean?

Score is an old English term meaning a group of twenty, so 2 score and 6 means 46 (20+20+6)

In 3 Fortnights a person will be 3 scores minus 13 years old in how long will the person be how old?

One fortnight = 2 weeks, so 3 fortnights = 6 weeks One score = 20, so 3 score = 60 60 - 13 = 47 So I think ther answer you want is that in 6 weeks time the person will be 47 years old.

What does three score years mean?

One score year is 20 years , two score years is 40 years then three score years is 60 years etc. HINT: Times the year by twenty EG. What is 6 score years? The answer is 6x20 which equals to 120. SO the answer is 120. Thank you for reading !!!!!! From Wild_Child32 LUV U !!!

The male of a horse is called a stallion.?

A male horse under four years old is a Colt. A male horse over four years old is a Stallion. A male horse that is castrated is a Gelding no matter how old it is. A female horse under four years old is a Filly. A female horse over four years is a Mare.

7 score and 6 equals how many years?