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the correct answer would be four thirds because four thirds one time is four thirds

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Q: What is four thirds times one?
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What is four and one thirds times four and one thirds?

169/9 or 18 7/9

What is four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighths?

Four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighth = 1 1/2 or 1.5

What does four times one over three equal?

four thirds, or one and a third

What is twenty four fifths times seven thirds?

Twenty-four fifths times seven thirds = eleven and one fifth (11 1/5).

One half times four thirds?


What is the answer to two thirds plus four sixths?

Answer = four thirds or one and a third.

What is the answer to four thirds times two thirds?


What is four thirds simplified?

four thirds is the same as one and one third.

One and one fourth times four and two thirds?

92 7 15

What is four and six thirds times six and two thirds?


What is four thirds in simplest form?

one and one thirds

What is three fourths times one half plus two thirds times four fifths?


What is two thirds times 1?

two thirds times one is two thirds.

What is 4 times one third?

1 and 1 third

How many two thirds are in a whole?

You can only get one 2/3 out of a whole, since two times two thirds is four thirds which is one and a third, hence, larger than a whole.

What is 1 and two-thirds times fifteen over four?

six and one fourth

What is two-thirds times 6?


What is six ones times four thirds?


What is two thirds of four and one fourths?

one and four sixteenths

How is two thirds of six nine?

Two-thirds of six is not nine. Rather, two-thirds of six is four. You can find this by realizing that two-thirds of six is the same as six-thirds of two. This equates to two times two, which is four.

What is four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds?

Four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds = 13/8 or 15/8

What is 5 times one third?

five thirds one and two thirds

How many thirds are there in four thirds?

Four of them.

What one third more than six?

"One third more", means we need to take a whole, divide it into thirds, and then add another third on top. We will end up with four thirds in total. To find four thirds of six, multiply the fractions together: 6 over 1 times 4 over 3 = 24 over 3. And then simplify twenty-four thirds to 8.

What is four and two thirds divided by one and three ninths?

Four and two thirds divided by one and three ninths = 7/2 or 31/2