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4*1.5=6.0 or 6

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Q: What is four time one and one half?
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How many one fourths are there in five and one half?

22. There are four one fourths in 1. So four time 5 is 20 and there are 2 one fourths in one half. So that is 20 plus 2 is 22.

What is Four and one half divided by one and four fifths?

It is two and a half.

Is four seventh the same as one fourth?

no. four sevenths is over one half and one fourth is half of one half so how would one forth and four sevenths be the same?

What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is four minus one and a half?

Four minus one and a half is two and a half: 4 - 1.5 = 2.5

If 4 men dug a hole in a week how long did it take for 2 men to dig half the hole?

One week. If you take half of four men to do half of the work the four men did in a week, you would get half the work done in the same amount of time the four men did the work in a week.

Is four eights greater than one half?

four Eights is exactly the same as one half.

Do all four struts on a 2002 Gmc Envoy half to be replaced at one time?


When a dot is placed after any note what does it mean?

it depends on the note. in four four time, after a quarter note (one beat), it makes it one and a half beats. after a half note (two beats), it makes the note three beats. with other time signatures, it gets more confusing.

How can you change four and one half into an improper fraction?

You multiply two halves, the equivalent of four, by four to get a product of 8 halves. Then add the "extra" half from the original "four and one half" to get nine halves.

What is half of one-sixth?

one half of one sixth is one twelfth

How can one half of nine be four?

IF 4 is the question, one half of nine is not four, its 4.5. If use Roman numerals then "half" of nine can be four IX cut in half is IV and is therefore 4.

What is four divided by one half?

Four divided by a half is one quarter other known as 1⁄4, 0.25 or 25%.

How many 8th notes equal one whole rest?

an eighth note is half of one beat in four four time. if you have one eighth rest it would be half of a whole rest. so you would need two eighth rests to make a whole rest

What is four and one half divided by one and four fifth?


What one is greater one half or four sevenths?

four sevenths

How many time zones does Afghanistan have?

Afghanistan has one time zone, Afghanistan Time (AFT), which is four and a half hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

What is larger four sixths or one half?

Four sixths is bigger than one half. Three sixths make one half.

What is one and a half plus four and a half?


How do you write one half and four fifths as an improper fraction?

One half and four fifths can't be written as improper fractions.

How many names are there for one-half?

I can think of four: one-half, fifty percent, two quarters, four eighths , and so on.

What is four plus negative one half?

It's three and one half.

Is seven eighths equal to one half?

No one-half equals four-eighths so that means seven-eighths is greater than one-half(four eighths)

What is one half of sixty nine?

Thirty four and a half.

What half of four and one half?

2 and 1/4