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discrimination between boys and girls refers to :-

1.litracy. and ratio.

3socio economic status.etc.

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Q: What is gender inequality and its disadvantages in the workplace?
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How do you write a thesis for gender inequality?

To write a thesis for gender inequality one would need to identify a narrow topic to discuss about gender inequality. One example would be, how gender inequality in the workplace hurts us all.

Elements of social policy of gender inequality in the workplace?

There is always going to be gender inequality in the work place because men and women will always be different creatures.

Elements of social policy iabout gender inequality in the workplace?

Governments try to reduce or eliminate gender inequality by making discrimination illegal and mandating leave for pregnancy.

Disadvantages of the patrilineal inheritance system?

The patrilineal inheritance system has several disadvantages, including: Gender Inequality Family Conflicts Disinherited Children Inefficient Resource Allocation Inflexibility

What are the causes of gender?

political causes of gender inequality.

How you are going to attain gender inequality?

Gender inequality already exists and has done so for many thousands of years.

Is gender stratification and gender inequality the same?

Gender stratification refers to the unequal distribution of resources, power, and opportunities between genders in society, while gender inequality is a broader concept that encompasses disparities in various aspects of life such as wages, education, and representation. Gender stratification can contribute to gender inequality by reinforcing systems of oppression based on gender.

Is there Gender inequality in Afghanistan?

To the extreme.

How does radical feminism lead to gender inequality?

Radical feminism actually seeks to destroy gender inequality by dismantling oppressive institutions.

What are consequences of gender differentiation?

Mostly gender differentiation has been known to be the root cause of gender inequality.

What is the role of social and cultural norms in gender inequality?

Social and cultural norms play a significant role in perpetuating gender inequality by reinforcing traditional beliefs and expectations about gender roles and behaviors. These norms often limit opportunities for individuals based on their gender, leading to unequal treatment and access to resources. Challenging and changing these norms is essential in addressing gender inequality and promoting greater gender equality.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of age under social inequality?

advantages and disadvantages of being 18?